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Hurricane Ian Update

 Nov. 30, 2022, update:

  • Seasonal RV rentals are being cancelled through Fall 2023 to allow residents the ability to stay in the RV section while working to restore their homes and the community. If you are a resident and have an RV that you would like to place in the RV Resort and live in it, contact management via e-mail:

  • Monthly Fees: Residents should continue to pay their monthly rental or maintenance fee and use the new coupons books that were mailed in September. Do not send money/cash/checks to management office.

  • Management/Sales Office: Mold mitigation and building repair is still ongoing. Management is at the office, but sales is working remotely until the office is completed. To contact sales: call toll free 877-360-7577.

  • Contact Management Office by calling 239-694-3707 or e-mail at

How do I sell my home and share?

If you are a shareholder and are selling your property at Orange Harbor, it is very important that the real property be sold and transferred correctly into the name of the new buyer. The following procedures must be followed:

Step 1: Management Approval. The buyer MUST be approved by management. Obtain a residency application from management. This must be competed first. If the buyer is already a resident, you MUST contact management to determine how many homes they already own. Residents can own only two homes. Management must know who is purchasing the home.

Step 2: Purchase Contract: Once the buyer is approved, you need a real estate purchase contract. Management strongly encourages residents to use a licensed Florida Realtor for assistance. The brokerage agent for Orange Harbor Co-op is Barefoot Realty Group. You can contact them for assistance at 877-360-7577. They are offering reduced fees to residents during this time.

Step 3: Original Documents. The seller must have the original share certificate and the original Dept. of Motor Vehicle titles to the home unless they have previously been retired. If they are lost, tell your realtor.

Step 4: Title Company: Assured Title Solutions is the title company owned by the law firm of Staack, Simms and Reighard. They handle the share transfers for Orange Harbor Co-op. The title company will work with a licensed Florida Realtor to transfer your share. They cannot transfer a share without a real estate purchase contract and residency approval from management. If you have a contract or are using another realtor besides Barefoot Realty Group, e-mail the title agent at No phone calls please.

Step. 5: Length of Time:   Due to the large amount of real estate purchases occurring at Orange Harbor, the title company needs 30 days to close each transaction. A title search must be completed and title insurance given to ensure that the seller is giving clear title to the buyer. It is state law that sellers MUST give clear title to buyers.

Step 6: What Price? Residents who own real property (shares and homes) should be selling their share for at minimum the price that they paid for the share. The Co-op board encourages shareholders to sell their property for the current market price of their share, which is considerably more than the original purchase price. The current share pricing is posted at the front of the community or can be obtained by calling Barefoot Realty Group at 877-360-7577.

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